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The best new Plant Hanger invented! No need for TOOL,NAILS or screws. Does not Hurt or mark where you mount it!  SAFE FOR TREES!! You have to see this!! Eco-friendly Hanger.

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This NEW product has been created to solve a few common problems associated with hanging Large or Heavy items without the need to drill holes or drive in nails.

You will like the way this installs so easily and can still hold considerable weight. Then comes down with just a few pulls of the strap ends. The easy way to hang what you want without tools! No need to break out the heavy hammer. Use it in your yard.Hang your upside down Tomato plants, Hanging Flower Baskets,Bug Zappers.etc.

The Easy Hang It is adjustable to fit even on those crooked trees and crooked branches. Just use the appropriate link in the chain to make it level.  Each strap is 9 feet long. This allows up to an 8 foot round tree or cement pole.

Vertical Gardening? I Know I'm not the only one that needs more space for plants. Live in a BIG building? Mount it outside on the water pipes or a Telephone Pole.

HUNTERS- Now there is no need to wait to drag your kill back to base camp. Hang it up and Bleed it where it dropped! A warm bleed off the ground is better.  Keep going and come back for it later.

Ever been CAMPING and the branches are too high? Use it when Camping to hold up your Garbage or your Water Jug. The Ranger can't Ticket you for putting holes in the trees.

At the Boat Dock to weigh your fish. Some of those fish get mighty heavy! Don't miss an ounce by not holding it steady. Just mount it to a nearby tree in seconds and get the exact weight. Call it a De-Liar if you want but it's better than arguing about it.

The new strap design lets you put it up in a jiffy. You don't need to carry that heavy hammer with you anymore! This device holds considerable weight and has been tested to more than 50 lbs.Without sagging!

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